The unspoken rules of used boutique office furniture recyclers

The unspoken rules of used boutique office furniture recyclers

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With the development and popularization of the used market, how to deal with idle items, for most people, has long been a problem, and even familiar. Today, talk about the unspoken rules of used boutique office furniture recyclers.

Nowadays, whether it is selling or recycling channels, there is already a platform that is trustworthy and easy to operate. From a small clothing to an electrical appliance, it can be resold as long as it can continue to be used.

The unspoken rules of used boutique office furniture recyclers

The used office furniture industry is a fast-growing industry after the used car, and it is also widely recognized and concerned. The used office furniture market has a long history, and it is more than a hundred years old, but it has grown from the original store-style workshop to the scale. The professional enterprise operation is only about eight or nine years.

Compared with the fine office furniture itself, the recycling of professional used office furniture is rarely known, and what kind of fine office furniture has the value of recycling is also a problem for most people. Today, I will talk to you about used boutiques. The unspoken rules of office furniture recyclers.

First, is it important for boutique office furniture to be a brand?

Since the development of office furniture, a large number of well-known boutique office furniture brands have been born. Compared with ordinary office furniture, the brand office furniture is self-evident, so the brand office furniture is also more valuable for recycling, especially for the well-known office furniture at home and abroad.

Herman Miller, Haworth, Haicang, Okamura, Aurora, etc. are well-known boutique office furniture brands, which are also most favored by enterprises, especially the world’s top 500 companies. At the same time, their production of office furniture It is more durable, less prone to breakage and longer to use, so it can be reused again after recycling.

At the same time, relatively common used office furniture, brand used office furniture is more cost-effective, and more people are willing to pay for it. The price of brand office furniture is far higher than the budget for most people. For those who want to buy brand office furniture, especially for large-volume purchases, it is undoubtedly a huge expense.

The brand used office furniture, used office furniture sold by the second tree cycle furniture, its used price only needs 1-3 fold of the new product, the use of feeling is not halved, but greatly saves the procurement cost, not to mention The best choice for purchase, but also the recycling of brand office furniture is also meaningful.

Second, recycling sources is more important than recycling quantities!

The unspoken rules of used boutique office furniture recyclers: office furniture is a large item, light handling is not a small expense, if only one or two pieces of office furniture need to be recycled, very few people will be willing to pay for it. Storage costs are not counted at the moment, and labor costs are also measured.

Therefore, how many quantities are often used by recycling companies, however, compared to the quantity, recycling sources are also particularly seen by recycling companies.

Recycling is simply a matter of recycling, office furniture is no more than other idle items, whether it is a Fortune 500 company or a small or medium-sized or start-up enterprise, there will be recycling demand for office furniture;

Compared to small businesses, Fortune 500 companies are clearly more attractive. One is that the Fortune 500 companies have strong financial strength. Most of the office furniture purchased is mostly branded, and brand office furniture is also more valuable for recycling;

The unspoken rules of used boutique office furniture recyclers

The second is that the world’s top 500 companies have a large number of disposable products, and the recycling cost is also controllable.

3. Whether the used time is within the recovery value range

Any item has a service life, and office furniture is no exception. It is reported that high-quality brand office furniture is generally available for more than 10 years, and individual categories are like office work for more than 15 years.

For recycling, the shorter the used time, the higher the natural recycling value. used office furniture is often used to distinguish the used time. 8-99% new is the common color in the industry. 99% new means unopened unused products. 80% new indicates that the product has been used for more than 5 years, indicating possible damage or With.

It is not difficult to infer that the cheap used office furniture has been used for a period of time of less than 5 years, and the brand office furniture can be postponed appropriately.

Whether the value of recycling and the rate of reuse are complementary, we advocate the best use of it, but there will always be idle items in life. On the contrary, recycling is actually another use, related to environmental protection. Cherish resources.

The second tree cycle furniture, dedicated to the recycling of office furniture, has successively reached strategic recycling cooperation with Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft and IBM.

Recycling products include well-known international brands such as Herman Miller, Haworth, Shifang, and Okamura, which further promote the reuse of high-quality resources. Over the past eight years, it has served more than 40,000 companies and 2 million offices. The furniture was successfully recycled.

The unspoken rules of used boutique office furniture recyclers: while saving resources for the society, it also saves the company 40%-60% of the procurement cost.

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