Is cheap used furniture good? How to design used furniture?

Is cheap used furniture good? How to design used furniture?

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In recent years, due to work reasons, I have to move some old-fashioned furniture. I often need to buy and sell some used furniture. There are many markets for second-hand furniture. I found some problems, that is, the price of used furniture is generally not expensive, and even cheap used furniture can be said.

Why is used furniture so cheap? With this problem, I have been observing the used market for a long time. Is cheap used furniture good? How to design used furniture? The author has reached some conclusions.

1, high freight is the second-hand furniture trading

The furniture in the used furniture market is varied and varies in quality, but the price is not expensive. The biggest problem is that the shipping costs are too high. Sometimes you buy two chairs, maybe the price of the chair is less than 100, but the freight far exceeds 100. What is the difference between buying this new one and buying new ones directly? used. Subject to the high freight rate, the price of second-hand furniture is naturally not high.

2, no extra empty home to store idle furniture

3, now the house inside the city, that is the size of the gold, can afford to buy the house is not bad that furniture costs, furniture is also arranged according to the layout and size of the house, is tailor-made. Once you buy a new house, or move, these furniture often have no place to use or there is no place to store them, only cheap treatment, which is one reason why used furniture is worthless.

3, the loss of moving too much, it is inevitable that it will be touched.

Moving money is one thing, but every time you move, you can’t avoid the bumps of furniture. Every time you bump, you will basically damage the furniture, and damage and color are an important factor affecting used furniture.

4, the current furniture materials are relatively low, the cost is low, mainly particleboard, MDF, accessories are broken wood chips and glue. The price of new furniture is not too high, and the price of used furniture is naturally higher than that of new furniture.

Is cheap used furniture good? How to design second-hand furniture ? The above points are the author’s own summary, perhaps not comprehensive enough, I hope to help readers who need to buy and sell used furniture.

In view of the low price of used furniture, many people think that the second-hand furniture is now a chicken rib, can not be used, it is a pity to sell, so many people feel that it is a headache. Is cheap used furniture good? How to design used furniture?

Dear reader, what do you think of second-hand furniture ?

1. Set the size of the furniture by space. The type and size of used furniture products to be purchased should be determined according to the living room area. If the size of the house is limited, you should choose to save space, as simple as possible, and the volume should be relatively small. Pay more attention to the use of space, so that it does not appear crowded.

Is cheap used furniture good? How to design used furniture?

2. Do a good job of partitioning the internal structure of the cabinet. Different spaces are used to partition the internal structure of the cabinet, combining the living habits and hobbies of the main users of the room, such as the children’s room, the children’s folding clothes are more, the hanging clothes are less, and the proportion of the hanging and folding areas is paid attention to when the wardrobe is partitioned. The same toy, the toy cabinet should pay attention to the ratio of the grid and the drawer, the drawer is convenient for sorting small items, and the grid is convenient for placing large toys.

3. Determine the style of the home. Determining the home style before the decoration is critical to the purchase of furniture. Customized furniture must conform to the overall style of the decoration. If it is a Chinese-style decoration, the choice of buying a used furniture in a plate style will be out of place; similarly, a modern-style living room, it is also very strange to put in a Chinese-style custom sofa.

4. Don’t just pursue personality. Many people choose to buy second-hand furniture in addition to pursuing individuality, but also want to save money, so can not cause unnecessary waste in pursuit of personality. If the budget is limited, don’t just do unnecessary design for the pursuit of individuality, resulting in unnecessary waste. If you do too much to buy used furniture, it will not achieve the original intention of saving money and personality.

5. Environmental protection and safety. When we buy second-hand furniture , we must pay attention to whether the plates of used furniture are in line with the national environmental protection standard E1 grade high-quality plates, and adopt advanced edge sealing technology to ensure safety and environmental protection.

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